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The Real Truth About Passing Your Test First Time

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“Kavita Hated Her Lessons”

She had failed her test 5 times with 3 previous instructors. Her world was sinking because she knew what all her family and friends where thinking.

I took her out on her first lesson. She was comfortable and she drove well. But when I praised her for a good lesson, she busted out in tears and started crying.

“Something clicked and I’ve never felt like this on a driving lesson before.” She said. “What was it?” I asked.  “You allowed me to be me. I was making my own decisions the whole time. It didn’t even feel like a driving lesson.”   She passed her test 4 weeks later in Wanstead with just 1 minor fault.

So What’s Your Situation?

Do you just want to get up, learn, pass and go?

 Are you starting to feel the pressure because all your friends are learning and passing?

Do you keep failing driving tests but you don’t know why?

Or, are you looking for a much easier way to learn?

It’s only you that knows what you’re looking for.


You Get All These for FREE!

FREE Money Back Guaranteed on all your lessons – worth £70 

FREE One Early Test Booking for Beginners (Doesn’t include test) – Worth £150

FREE Driving Test Routes – Worth £120

FREE 2 year Refresher Lessons warranty – Worth £140

FREE Comprehensive theory test Support – Worth £30

FREE Driving Lesson Planner – Worth £155

FREE eBook “How to pass 1st time” – worth £390

FREE eBook “Common Faults People Commit On Driving Test” – Worth £310

Total Value = £1365

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