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“From Beginner to Test Standard in 8 Weeks With Only 2 Lessons per Week”


We Will Train You To Test Standard In Less Than 2 Months And We Will Book You An Early Test. But You Will Achieve This By Doing Only 2 Lessons Per Week.

I know you’ve been putting this off for a while now.  But the way things are these days, with jobs, property prices, starting families and stuff … it makes a lot of sense to be mobile.

The fact is none of us knows where our next job is going to be. OR where we will be able to afford to live in the next few years.

That’s why you’re seeing a lot of people taking driving lessons now.  Its why many of your friends drive. They all want to have a plan “B.”.

But learning to drive is ” NOT cheap.”  It eats into your monthly budgets.  And it disrupts your evenings and weekends.  “Can you imagine how much impact this could have on your finances – and your social life if you took lessons for 5 or 6 months?”

Many busy people like yourself are getting around this by doing intensive lessons.

In case you don’t know: these are specialist courses designed to teach people quickly in the shortest time possible.

This type of teaching allows you to learn driving and to permanently remember what you learn. Research shows that it’s by far the quickest way to pass a driving test.

But A Lot Of People Still Prefer The Traditional Weekly Lessons. WHY?

Because they don’t have enough money saved up to pay for an intensive course

OR because they can’t afford to take an entire week or weeks off work to take driving lessons.

Personally, I think most people find it too risky to pay such a large amount of money up front. And if I was in your position, I could have lots of questions going on in my head…

“Can I really learn to drive and pass in one week?” “What if the pace is too much for me?” “What if I don’t get on with the instructor?” “What if I lose my money?”

The thing is: if you don’t pass, you feel like all your money has been wasted – And you’re back to square one.  We hated seeing people lose money and going through emotional turmoil.  That’s why…

We Took A Very Different Approach

For the last 4 years we have been teaching normal weekly lessons in the same way as we teach intensive driving courses – and the results have and continue to surprise us.

Here Is What We Found:

..Our driving lessons are much more focused and intense

..Student concentration has more than doubled during lessons

..They are taking more responsibility for their actions

..They are spending a lot more time driving and practicing

..The increased concentration and the extended driving time is allowing students to remember more of what they’re learning

..The amount of lessons our students are needing to get to test standard has reduced by almost 50%. And for some people, this is as much as 15 hours

..And to top it all up, 7 in 10 students that we take to tests are passing first time many with fewer than 5 faults

The Main Point Is This…

You can get the benefits of doing intensive driving lessons without doing an intensive course.

You don’t have to take time off work or to have £850 saved up to learn and be ready for a test in 6 to 8 weeks.

Remember, that the quicker you get to test standard the less money will spend on lessons.

Who Are Our Lessons For?

• Anyone who is under pressure to pass a driving test in at least 2 months – but they don’t have enough savings to pay for a full blown intensive driving course.•

• Anyone who has been learning to drive on and off but now is determined to pass a driving test once and for all.

• Anyone who keeps failing driving tests

• Anyone who thinks that they forget things easily

• Anyone who has driven on an international licence before but now needs a full UK licence

What Do We Expect Of You?

You’re expected to take two, 2.0 hr lessons per week, every week… to allow us to teach you from beginner to test standard in 8 weeks or less.

And if you already have some driving experience, you could be ready in just a few weeks. We will find and book you an early test as soon as you’re ready.

You “must” be absolutely determined to pass your test as soon as possible.

We expect you to have done OR working towards your theory test.  And if you’re struggling with it, you must let us know as soon as you call – to see how will be able to help.

Once we accept and take you on as a learner, it’s your responsibility to tell us when you’re free for lessons.  And all lessons must be booked at least one week in advance.

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