We will train you from a beginner to a Test Pass in less than 2 months…

With Only 2 Lessons A Week  – And We Will Find And Book You An Early Test. 

“Why Choose Us?”


 We are the only driving school that combines the benefits of intensive driving lessons with the flexibility of traditional weekly lessons.

 And for you, it means that your regular weekly lessons are taught with the same intensity and urgency that is normally reserved for people doing intensive lessons.

 You learn at a much quicker pace and you can pay for your lessons on a week by week basis if you want

 Most of our students get from beginner to test standard in less than 2 months by taking only 2 lessons per week.

 We will find and book you an early test. No other driving school does this for people doing weekly lessons.  And this service alone will save you at least 6 week’s worth of unnecessary driving lessons

We also offer a full money back guarantee on all our lessons.  If don’t like a lesson ask for your money back – but you must do it before the lesson ends. This offer applies to every lesson you’re on.

 Our prices offer excellent value for money because you’ll always need fewer lessons with us.

 Our Driving Instructors follow the latest teaching methods based on the Client Centred approach to learning.

Please note that – Our driving school is not for everyone.

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