You’ll Learn From A Beginner To Test Standard In 2 Months With Only 2 Lessons A Week

Driving Instructors Are Not The Same.

Choosing a driving instructor is risky. From the outside they all look the same.  So what do you do?

Choose one with the nicest car? The big school with lots of cars around? Or the one with the cheapest prices?

If I were you I would ALWAYS go for a recommendation from a friend.  But if you don’t know anyone? That’s fine.

But whatever you do, be very careful because some of us will save you money.  And a lot of us will loose you a lot of money and time.

Learning to drive is a life changing experience full of many ups and downs.  A good instructor will give you company and they’ll make you feel good about yourself.  But they’ll do this by challenging you to make you a safe driver for life.

Always remember that as school teachers are not the same,  Driving Instructors are also NOT the same.  You just get what you pay for.  And from my experience, the difference in quality is huge.

So You Want To Learn To Drive Now…

And you know that the quicker you do it, the easier and cheaper it will be!  I agree.  That’s what everybody wants.

But you don’t want to do a full-on intensive course – because they’re expensive.  And they all ask you to pay a large non refundable deposit and hope for the best.

BUT you’re fully aware of the risks involved with that. ..Especially if their driving instructor is not up to it.

Personally, I don’t like taking such risks.  That’s why we do things differently.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose I Am Your Instructor.

We are the only driving school that teach traditional weekly lessons in the same way as they teach intensive courses.

1 〉 You learn at a much quicker pace and you can pay for your lessons on a week by week basis.

2 〉 Most of our students get from beginner to test standard in less than 2 months by taking only 2 lessons per week.  And if you’ve driven before you’ll only need a few weeks

3 〉 We speed things up by finding and booking you an early test. No other driving school does this for people doing weekly lessons.  And this service alone will save you at least 5 week’s worth of unnecessary driving lessons

4 〉 We keep things risk free by offering you a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all your lessons.  If don’t like a lesson just ask for your money back. No questions asked.

5 〉 Our prices offer excellent value for money because you’ll always need fewer lessons with us.

6 〉 63% of our students passed first time last year with fewer than 5 faults. Click and Read THE REVIEWS at the bottom of this page – and see the testimonial page.

We use psychology and a deep understanding of human behaviour to teach and to get you through the test with ease.

7 〉 We are specially trained to teach people with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Anxieties.  Just imagine how easy it will be to teach you.

8 〉  Our Money Back GUARANTEE ensures that you don’t waste time and you NEVER ever loose a penny with us – unless you choose to.

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