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“Such an amazing teacher!!!  I use to hate having driving lessons and would always be very scared but with Amir this changed from my very first lesson with him. Words cannot explain how thankful and grateful I am, I could have not asked for a better instructor. I would definitely recommend him! Thank you again!”

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Is this What You’re Thinking?

Want To Master Driving? Focus on These 4 Things.

How Do You Prove To The Examiner That You’re A Safe Driver?

This Is How You Follow A SatNav On A Driving Test.


The Cost Of Failing A Driving Test Is Huge!

Yes there’s the cost of paying for another test but that’s not all.  There’s also the deep feeling of failure. And the cost of the extra lessons you’ll have to take before you go for another test.

And if you add the cost of hiring your instructor’s car,  all this could easily cost you another £250.

Whats Your Solution to not failing?

Plan, plan and plan.  If you take your driving seriously you’ll be amazed how quickly and how confidently you’ll learn.

If you don’t, you could end up moving from instructor to instructor – looking for the cheapest deals that you could find. And failing many times along the way.

Plan your lessons, turn up to your lessons and listen to everything your instructor tells you.

But of course all this works if you have the right driving instructor to help you. 

And if you think that driving instructors are all the same, think again!


Claim Your FREE Bonuses Worth £297 

Here at I Am Your Instructor, we really, really want you to learn pass and get on with your life.  And we want you to do it in the fewest number of lessons possible.

So we have created a package of information and support to help you along the way.  And its ALL FREE.

Bonus 1: Money Back Guaranteed on all your lessons (Worth £76) 

Bonus 2: A FREE Mock Test For Beginners (Worth £35)

Bonus 3: FREE eBook “Solutions to Common Faults On Driving Tests” (Worth £47) 

Bonus 4: FREE Driving Lesson Planner, to help you see the bigger picture (Worth £21)

Bonus 5: FREE Comprehensive theory test Support (Worth £39)

Bonus 6: Two FREE Refresher Lessons 8 Months after you’ve passed. Useful if you don’t get a car straight away. (Worth £75)

Total Value = £293 (Yours For FREE)

We don’t believe in cheap lessons.  Value for money is what we stand for.  If you want value, give us a call and tell us how you want us to help you.

For your information, we are also trained to teach students with Dyslexia and Anxieties.

But please be aware that we are a small team.  We always have a waiting list, so call and book now.

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