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We have been teaching people to drive since 2009. Our experience has elevated us to become one of the most established and trusted driving schools in East London.

During our early days, it became obvious to us that some students where constantly asking for more lessons because they wanted to pass quickly.

In response to this, we started offering semi intensive and intensive lessons for students in the East London area.

Learning To Drive At A Slow Pace Is Outdated And Flawed.


The high pass rates we had with intensive lessons proved to us that it is the quickest and safest way to learn to drive. Learning with intensity is the most natural way of learning a new skill.

And if you don’t believe me, try and remember how intense it was when you were learning to ride a bike. Or any new skill that involved using your physical body?

You just kept at it until your body got used to it. Didn’t you?

This is how footballers learn their routines. And it’s how actors remember their lines.

The New Way Of Learning To Drive.


During the last 4 years we have been banging on about how effective intensive lessons are – but to our surprise, not everyone was willing to do them.

Some said that they were too expensive because all the driving money needed to be there at the start. Others said that getting an entire week or weeks off work to do driving lessons is difficult.

So we decided to make our lessons as intense as possible for students doing weekly lessons.

Our most popular course is 4.0 hrs per week in 2 lesson blocks. The lessons are intense, informative and fun.  And I can guarantee that you’ll learn much faster than you’ll do with the traditional slow paced lessons offered by most driving schools.

But Please Be Warned:

It is important that we get you ready to take a test and hopefully pass in at least 8 week. If you’re not committed to having 2 lessons per week, there’s a possibility that we might not be the best driving school for you.

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