Want to Master Driving? Focus on 4 things

 Mirrors, Position, Speed and Gears


Learning to drive is a skill.  A skill that involves learning how to control a car to make sure that it doesn’t crush into other cars, bikes, pedestrians, buildings and so on.

Do you get my point?

So to be able to drive properly and under full control you need to constantly be aware of your: Continue reading

How Do you Choose a Driving School?

Choosing a driving school is always a problem.  Yes there are plenty of driving schools around but how do choose the right one?

And in theory you should be looking for a driving instructor not a school.  Because instructors in a driving are not all the same.

Always start by asking around for a…. Continue reading

How do you prove to the examiner that you’re a safe driver?

Continuing from the previous blog, examiners look for only two things on a driving test.

One is your ability to have at least some basic car controls skills.

And the other is understanding the dangers around you.

When you think about it, everything we do in driving all comes down to avoiding putting yourself and others at risk.

So How Do You Keep Safe?

There are 3 things you must do to be considered a safe driver. Continue reading

This is how you follow a Sat Nav

I’m sure you know that using a Sat Nav is now an everyday part of learning to drive.  You use it on lessons and you’re  tested on how to use it on the test.

But why are so many people find it difficult to use?

It’s challenging because of the way the information is presented.

Let me explain.. Continue reading

My Driving Instructor sometimes raises his voice at me

Is it acceptable of your driving instructor to continually raise his voice at you?

Of course not.  We all know it shouldn’t happen but it happens from time to me.  And in my experience there are reasons why your instructor may shout at you.

1- Because they have an impatient personality OR

2- Because they feel under pressure to make a difference

The first is simply a personality issue.  In my view anyone who can’t accept people’s mistakes should not be a teacher.  But the issue about being under pressure to perform is an interesting one for me. Continue reading

Is the New Driving Test harder?

The honest answer to that is a both YES and NO.

I don’t know how much you knew about the old test – but to summarize it for you, it included:

Getting instructions from the examiner to tell you were to go with 10 minutes of that involving following signs or maps AND

Five manoevures including reversing in a bay, parallel parking, reversing around a corner, turning in the road and doing an emergency stop stop

They Removed Some Manoevures.

Continue reading

Should I Go For a Cheaper Driving School?

Choosing a driving school or an instructor is not easy.

I’ve been a learner driver before.  I’ve been a learner driving instructor before.

And as recently as two weeks ago I was seeking the services of an occupational psychologist.

I wanted them to help me to improve the way I interact with people with dyslexia and deep anxieties.

So Did I choose the cheapest provider I could find? Continue reading