These are the most frequently asked questions. Have a little read through before you get in touch with your question.

Is it realistic to teach someone from a beginner to test standard in 2 months with a strong chance of passing a driving test just by doing 2 lessons a week?

Yes it is. We do two consecutive days of driving in 2.0 hr blocks. The lessons are designed to drill information into your brain which will stay there until the following week.

When you say “intense” it makes me feel that the lessons will be stressful. Will they?

Our lessons are challenging but definitely not stressful. It is impossible to learn when you’re stressed. The most important thing you need to know is that your lessons will have a purpose and a clear end goal.

Can you guarantee that I will be ready for my test in 2 months?

No we can’t guarantee that because driving doesn’t come natural for everyone. But the majority of our students are trained to test standard in 2 months or less… As long as they take 2 lessons by week without fail.

Can you guarantee that I will pass first time?

No we can’t. Not even an examiner can guarantee that. We will train you in the best way possible and then hope that everything goes according to plan. The good news for you is that many of our students pass first time.And if you’re unlucky enough not to pass, we will book you another test in 2 weeks.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in East London. So we offer driving lessons in Ilford, driving lessons in Chigwell, Hainault, Clayhall, South Woodford, Woodford Green, Buckhurst Hill, Wanstead, Walthamstow, Gantshill, Redbridge, Seven Kings, Chadwell Heath, Goodmayes and Barking

Your lessons are a bit expensive compared to most driving schools around here. Why?

Its because we do things other driving schools don’t do. For example:

1) We give you intensive lessons but you don’t have to pay £600 to £1,500 before you get started.

2) You pay on a weekly basis and You don’t have to take time off work.

3) You get a discounted lesson to see how we teach and if you don’t like us, you walk away.

4) We are committed to get you from a beginner to standard in 8 weeks or less… and in most cases we do.

5) We will book you an early test as soon as you’re ready.

6) A lot of our students pass first time, take a look at our reviews and testimonials.

Do you do Automatic?

Yes we provide lessons for both manual and automatic

Will you help me with my theory test?

Yes we will give you comprehensive support for your theory test and we can even help you book it, free of charge.

Can I use your car for a test?

The DVSA don’t provide cars, so most students hire their instructor’s car for a test.

I like everything you say, but can I try you out and see?

Of course you can. This is the most sensible thing to do. Get in touch and book yourself a 2.0 hr lesson at a reduced rate. And if you don’t like us don’t use us gain.  You can even ask for your full money back halfway through that lesson if you don’t like our teaching methods.

Can I have a discount?

We don’t do any discount apart from the discounts you see on Price page.  We believe that our prices are as slow as they could be, based on the value and expertise you’re getting from us.

And you must remember that we give you a full money back guarantee on the lesson that you’re on.  So this means that we have to teach you so well to make sure that you don’t ask for your money back.  Our reputation is all we have.

So the listed price is the final price.

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