How Do you Choose a Driving School?

Choosing a driving school is always a problem.  Yes there are plenty of driving schools around but how do choose the right one?

And in theory you should be looking for a driving instructor not a school.  Because instructors in a driving are not all the same.

Always start by asking around for a….


But make sure that it’s from a friend or someone you trust.  When an instructor is recommended to you , ask whats good about them.  Ask about their the teaching, their mannerism, reliability and so on.

But If you can’t get a recommendation…

Carefully Research Schools you feel attracted to.

Read what they say very carefully.  Read their reviews.  Are all reviews sound almost the same?  Can you see yourself writing reviews like that about a driving school or an instructor?  If it doesn’t sound right, its fake.

What offers they’re giving you?

Are they giving their lessons away cheaply while claiming to be the best?  Is it logical to be the best and cheapest and the same time?

Always Look For Value For MONEY

You want to be taught properly and quickly.  You want to be taught to think for yourself from the very first lesson.

You want to be taught how to be safe on the road.  You want to be taught to learn to drive and not just to pass a driving test.

Any driving school that can demonstrate to you that they can do the above things should get your business. And in the end they’ll save you money no matter how much they charge.

Trust me on this.  I know because I’ve been ripped off many times before.

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We are a driving school in East London, offering: 

Driving Lessons In Ilford, Driving Lessons in Chigwell, Driving Lessons in Woodford and Driving Lessons in Walthamstow.

We pride ourselves for teaching students from beginner to test standard in 8 weeks or less.  And we achieve this by doing only two 2.0hr lessons per week. 

If you already have some driving experience you could be ready in just a few weeks.  And we find and book you an early test.

We also allow you to try us for one lessons at a reduced rate.  And we give a full refund if you don’t like the lesson.