This is how you follow a Sat Nav

I’m sure you know that using a Sat Nav is now an everyday part of learning to drive.  You use it on lessons and you’re  tested on how to use it on the test.

But why are so many people find it difficult to use?

It’s challenging because of the way the information is presented.

Let me explain..

..1) The satnav has a map to show you where to go.  

..2)  It speaks to tells you where to go and some times what position on the road to be in.

..3) Most times it also tells you the next road to take and some times the next road after that.

..4) On top of all this, you might get a beeping noise warning you of a speed camera ahead.

..5) All this verbal information could be repeated 3 times over a 10 second period.

Now you can begin to understand how overwhelming all that information could be.

Especially for a learner driver who is still getting used to predicting hazards and unfamiliar road layouts.

In my experience the satnav some times give off too much information at the wrong time.

And this is very different to what a human would do.

For example if I want to tell you to turn right, I would wait for a perfect moment before I tell you.

And if I notice that you didn’t understand me correctly, I would tell you again in a tone of voice ideal for the situation.

But a Sat Nav is a computer so it doesn’t know that.

All the information is presented to you in one go and its up to you to know how to process it and act on it while remaining safe.

So What is The Safest Way to Follow  Sat Nav?

Just look at the map and ignore the voice command. Why?

Because the map will allow you to see the bigger picture.  This way, you will know when and where the next turn is going to be

…and how much distance there is before you get to the turn.  All the information you’ll ever need is on the screen.

For example if the screen tells you that the next turn you’ll make will be on the right hand side, it will make sense for you to get into the right lane in good time.

Don’t wait to be reminded by the voice on the Sat Nav.

Because some times you get reminded at the wrong time, when you have too many things to deal with.  And at other times, you don’t get any vocal reminders at all.

And in some cases the voice would say a completely different thing to the map.

Whats the Solution?

..In our school, we start off by teaching you how to use a Sat Nav with the voice switched off.  when you’re comfortable with it, we then introduce you to the voice command.

The voice is a useful thing to have because some times it tells you things a map can’t show.

For example what side of the road to be on when approaching a busy and complex junction.

And also you need to know that on the driving test, you’re expected to drive with the voice switched on

..We will teach you how to patiently listen to the VOICE – look at the MAP – and look at the ROAD to make sure that what the satnav is telling you is correct, before taking action.


Pay more attention to the map because its always right – unlike the voice which some times gives out incorrect information.  And the reminders are some times late.

Don’t ignore the Sat Nav. Always plan to check your mirrors and give your signals and get in the correct position in good time.

If you happen to find yourself in the wrong lane, or you missed a turn its okay.  Just carry on and the Sat Nav will find another turn for you.

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