Should I Go For a Cheaper Driving School?

Choosing a driving school or an instructor is not easy.

I’ve been a learner driver before.  I’ve been a learner driving instructor before.

And as recently as two weeks ago I was seeking the services of an occupational psychologist.

I wanted them to help me to improve the way I interact with people with dyslexia and deep anxieties.

So Did I choose the cheapest provider I could find?

No I didn’t.

It was not a conscious decision.  But I generally felt that if someone was good at what they do, they should not be the cheapest.  I just wanted to know whether a provider that says can help, can really help.

So I asked questions.

Lots of questions. I Googled the companies and searched their websites.  And I did not commit to anything unless I was absolutely sure that they had the skills and experience to help me.

You see, it takes time, money and a lot of experience to be really good at something.  Apple, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, have all be around for a long time.

They make very good products and people see a lot of value in them.  That’s why they charge what they charge.

So now you agree that you choosing a product/service just because its cheap is not smart.

So why do people seek out the cheapest lessons they could find?

For me, I believe this is due to lack of information.  When you by a Mercedes Benz or a BMW, you can see the quality with your own eyes.  You can even touch it and smell it.

But the problem is that driving lessons can’t be seen, touched or felt.  Unless you’ve taken lessons with an instructor, you’ll never know how good or how kind they are.

But the thing is; many parents want their children to be taught properly.. and to remain safe for the rest of their driving lives.  No one wants their child to get involved in an accident.

No one wants to keep taking lessons for ever.  No one wants to be shouted at, or be ridiculed because they’re anxious or a slow learner.

Anyone would pay a premium to steer clear of all those problems. Because they could have long lasting effect on you. 

 So Whats The SOLUTION?

Ask for a recommendation from someone that you know and trust.

And if you can’t get a recommendation, carefully research schools you feel attracted to.  Read what they say very carefully. Read the reviews and the sort of offers they’re giving you.

Does what they say match up with the offers they’re giving you?  Are they claiming to be the best and the cheapest at the same time?

If you’re still interested and want to go ahead with them, ask for a one off 2.0 hr lesson to see how they’re teaching you.

Is the instructor friendly? Are they kind and care about you and what you want to achieve?

Will they be tolerant of your mistakes?  Will they allow you to have a voice and to express your opinion?

Are they 100% concentrating on you and not busy replying to text messages while you drive?

Do you feel that they’re teaching you, and they know and care about what they teach?

The Key is getting value For MONEY

You want to be taught properly and quickly.  You want to be taught to think for yourself from the very first lesson.

You want to be taught how to be safe on the road.  You want to be taught to learn to drive and not just to pass a driving test.

Any driving school that can demonstrate to you that they can do the above things should get your business. And in the long run they will save you money not matter how much they charge.

Hope this helps.

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