My Driving Instructor sometimes raises his voice at me

Is it acceptable of your driving instructor to continually raise his voice at you?

Of course not.  We all know it shouldn’t happen but it happens from time to me.  And in my experience there are reasons why your instructor may shout at you.

1- Because they have an impatient personality OR

2- Because they feel under pressure to make a difference

The first is simply a personality issue.  In my view anyone who can’t accept people’s mistakes should not be a teacher.  But the issue about being under pressure to perform is an interesting one for me.

You see, a lot of driving instructors are trying so hard to help you.  And when they see that you are not making the progress they expect, they put more pressure on you to learn.

If nothing happens, the whole thing turns into a one way communication involving shouting and yelling.  They resort to telling you exactly what to do because its easier. But that’s not teaching.

But Why Do They Feel Under Pressure To Perform?

In my experience, its because they feel that they don’t have enough time to teach you the things that you want to learn.

Its either because the lessons are too short for them to explain what to do and leave you with enough time to practice, OR

Because you have a test coming up and they feel that you have a lot to learn before you are ready.

So what Can you do about it?

FIRST, as soon as you see that your instructor regularly shouts at you – and doesn’t accept you and your mistakes dump them and try someone else.

This type of instructor was never meant to be a teacher and they should not be teaching you.

ON OTHER HAND, if your instructor used to be good… but now they’re getting impatient and frustrated, its because they see that you are not making the progress that they think you should.

In their eyes you started off well.

..You made initial progress.

..But now progress is slow.

..You seem to be doing the same things week after week.

..They feel that they’re saying everything they say to everyone.

..But for some reason, you’re still making mistakes.

This is mainly because you don’t drive enough.  You’re taking one hour lessons, and you miss lessons on a regular basis.

A lot of driving instructors hate this.

I hate it too because I never spend enough time with you.  What for?  To explain things and to allow enough time to practice them.

And if you have a test booked and you’re missing lessons or continuing to take one or 1.5 hour lessons you’re not helping yourself.

What’s the Solution?

Your solution is a very simple one.  Don’t start taking driving lessons unless you have the finances and the commitment to see it through to the end.

And if you do, you’ll be wasting your time and money. But more important than that, you’ll never be a safe and confident driver, good enough to pass a test.

And if you were lucky enough to fluke it and pass, you’ll still remain a nervous and an indecisive driver for the rest of your life.

The reason why intensive driving lessons are so good its because they give the driving instructor a enough hours in a day or week to work with you.

This makes them calm and it takes pressure off you to perform.  For example if you don’t understand a certain manoeuvre, you can do it over and over again until you’re happy.

No shouting and yelling. Just a peaceful time for you to learn what you need to learn.


Whatever instructor you choose to go with, you MUST take at least a 2.0 hour lesson at a time.  And ideally you should take two, 2.0 hour lessons per week.

In our school students are expected to take two, 2.0 hour lessons per week without fail.  And if there not committed to this, we don’t take them on.

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