Our Teaching Methods

We use a revolutionary system called ‘the Client Centred Approach’ to learning to drive.

And what this means is that everything we do is about what you want and need. But we don’t just make assumptions, we get you involved.

For example, during lessons, we observe what you do and we ask open ended questions. Your behaviour and answers allow us to teach you the way you want to learn.

With us, you’re always encouraged to have a big say in how you’re taught and what you’re taught

We are perfectionists and we are relentless in the way we help you.

Try Us And See

Many people have said good things about us. But the best proof you can have is to have a one off 2.0 hr lesson to see for yourself.


If you don’t like any lesson that yo are on, you can ask for a FULL Refund. But this is only applicable if you ask for a refund before the lessons ends.  That’s how much confidence we have in our ability to help you!

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