Hourly rate = £29/hr

Evenings and Weekends = £32/hr

Almost Test Ready with An Early Test Find = £35/hr

Use of car for test (includes 1.0 hr lesson) = £90

Pass plus = £190

Motorway and Country Road Master Class (2.0 hrs) = £79 


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“BUT I Can Get Cheaper Lessons Else Where”


Of-course you can – But Here’s The Truth About Price.

Jut remember when you upgraded to your current phone contract. There were a few things you had to sort out.

First, you had to make up your mind about the type of phone you wanted. Probably one with bigger storage and speed.  Secondly, you wanted a good amount of data and minutes to stay in touch with friends.

After this, all you had to do was to do your research to find a provider with the best deals.

You had to. Because you knew that getting a cheap deal for a slow phone that will run out of storage was not on. You knew that getting a deal with data that will run out before the end of the month was a complete waste of money.

So why should your search for a driving school be any different?

Won’t it be wise to find out exactly what you want from your driving lessons? 

And then go out and find a driving school that will give you exactly that?  At the best price?

I know You Want to SAVE MONEY and You want to SAVE TIME.


That’s why you’ve read our reviews and I’m sure its the reason you’re still reading this.  Just choosing a driving school purely because its cheaper is not smart. Things are usually cheap for a reason.

“I’m with you coz I hated my previous instructor. He was only charging £21 a leson but I wasted a lot of money on that guy.  Always came with another person in the back and said we couldnt do parallel park coz I haven’t done my theory.  and I think he was touching the pedals the whole time coz he was constantly looking down on his phone.”  – Mona Ruben, Walthamstow.

Just to remind you why we do things differently, here’s…

A Summary of The Things You Should Expect From Us:


√ We teach you intensively but you only have to do two, 2.0 hour lessons a week.

As a result you learn quicker, which saves you lots of money on future lessons.

√  Most of our students are trained from a beginner to a test standard in less that 8 weeks.  Anyone who has driven before will get there in a few weeks.

√  The intense nature of the lessons allows you more time on the road, which will rapidly improve your confidence.

√  The Confidence will maximize your chances of passing first time.

√  We will always find you a test within a week of becoming test ready.  And for you it means that you’ll save at least 5 weeks worth of lessons.

√  There are no deposits required because you pay for your lessons on a week by week basis.

√  We are very confident that we can help you.  That’s why all our lessons come with a full money back guarantee.  And what that means is that if you don’t like the lesson that you’re own, just ask for your money back. No questions asked.

√  We are specially trained to teach students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Anxieties.  For you it means that any hidden learning challenges you might have will be easily taken care of.

√  We produce a regular blog with REAL advise on learning to drive and tips on passing a driving test.  How many driving schools do you know that do that?

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So in brief….

“We teach you quickly and we support you – And we make sure that you take the fewest amount of lessons possible …to help you save money in the long run – And if you don’t feel that we are keeping to our promise, you can always ask for your money back”


Yes we charge £3 or £4 more than your average school.  But the amount of money we save you on future lessons is far greater ..because our lessons are highly concentrated.  

So How Much Money Do You SAVE?


The DVSA (this is the driving standard department) did some research.. and concluded that an average person will take around 47 hours to learn to drive. …plus another 22 hours of private practice with mum and dad.

But most people learning with I Am Your Instructor get ready in 32 hours or less.  That’s a difference of 15 hours.  In other words,  we reduce the amount of time it will take you to learn to drive by 15 hours.

How much money does this save you? £300, £350?  You do the maths.

And then there’s the additional lessons you’ll have to take while you wait around for your practical test.  All just because a driving school doesn’t have the systems and the know how to find you an early test.

The fact is: many driving schools can but choose not find you early tests… because it costs them money in the long term.  Their approach is “why make her take a test now when she could take it later and take more lessons?”

“Is it Really possible to learn in 2 months with only 2 lessons a week?”


Yes it is. Because we give you two consecutive days of driving in 2.0 hr blocks.  And the lessons are designed to drill information into your brain which will stay there until the following week.

Our lessons are challenging BUT NOT stressful.  Because you can’t learn when you’re stressed.  All your lessons will have clear goals and a laser sharp focus.

“Can you Guarantee that I’ll be ready for my test in 2 months?”


This is one thing we can’t guarantee because driving doesn’t come natural for everyone.  But the majority of our students are trained from zero to test standard in 2 months or less – as long as they take 2 lessons a week without fail.

“Can you Guarantee that I’ll pass first time?”


No there’s no guarantee because it’s all about how you perform on the day. But we know what it takes to pass a driving test.  We know all the test routes and we know exactly what examiners are looking for.  That’s why 63% of our students passed first time, last year.

But if you’re unlucky not to pass, we will make sure that you’re sitting for another test within 2 weeks.

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We aim to give each of our students two, 2.0 hour lessons per week per every week. WHY? Because we want to make sure that you’re ready to take a test and pass as quickly as possible.

But this creates a problem because our instructors are only able to accept a limited amount of students at a time.  It’s the reason why most times we have a waiting list: especially in summer and spring.  So places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

In fact: if you think that you can ring up today and request to start your lessons this week or next week you’re very likely to be disappointed.

My Best Advice To You Is This:


 If you have a strong reason to get your licence and move on, …and you’re looking at intensive courses but can’t afford to pay that large deposit they usually ask for, get in touch now.

If you’ve thought about learning intensively but couldn’t afford to get a solid week or weeks off work, get in touch to see what we can do.

If you’ve taken lessons on and off before but now you want to get it over and done with, do something about it today!

If you see yourself as a natural driver and want to get your licence in the next 2 to 3 weeks to help with your work, call us today.

We teach weekly lessons just like other schools but our lessons are intense. We get you from a beginner to test standard in 8 weeks or less, just by doing two, 2.0 hours lessons per week.  If you’ve driven before you could be taking a test in a few weeks.

We book an early test for you to avoid any delay and the need to take unnecessary lessons. And all our lessons are protected with a full money back guarantee to make sure that you don’t lose any money.

There is absolutely no driving school that do what we do for our customers.

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