What are the basic car control skills?

When you go on a driving test, the examiner always look for two things.

⇒  The first is your ability to control the car.

⇒  And the second is your understanding of everything around you.

In this blog I’m going to discuss the basic car control skills that you must have.

Most people worry that they need to drive smoothly all the way through without faults.

But that’s not true.  I’m sure even you, you know of someone who has a driving licence.  But their car is a bit jerky and they never seem comfortable behind the wheel.

Did they pass driving like that? Probably yes.

Having basic car control skills was enough for them to pass a test.

BUT they made sure that they were not committing repetitive faults.  And they did not commit a fault big enough to cause a collision on a different day.

What are these MAIN CAR control skills?

I don’t know how much you already know about driving, I will keep things fairly simple but..

The main car controls are…….


Brakes – They expect you to use the brakes smoothly and progressively – most of the times

Clutch – They expect you to release and apply the clutch smoothly and progressively when needed.  And for your information, the Clutch is used for changing gears and also before stopping.

Steering Wheel – They expect you to use the steering wheel effectively to keep the car in the correct position.

Like I said, you’re allowed to commit faults in all those things. ..As long as you don’t keep committing the same faults.

On our first lesson, we will go through the main car controls.  We will show you how to use them properly to keep the car safe.  If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll drive the car for a while to get a proper feel for them.

But controls on their own are not enough.

Because there is one important thing that you must do to pass a test.  It’s very serious and examiners can not compromise on it.  That’s the full awareness of everything around you.

This is what keeps you safe.  It’s what stops accidents.  And it’s what we will discuss in the next blog.

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