Want to Master Driving? Focus on 4 things

 Mirrors, Position, Speed and Gears


Learning to drive is a skill.  A skill that involves learning how to control a car to make sure that it doesn’t crush into other cars, bikes, pedestrians, buildings and so on.

Do you get my point?

So to be able to drive properly and under full control you need to constantly be aware of your:


You must be constantly aware of the mirrors you should be checking.  And this is every time you see a hazard or before you signal to change direction.


You need to be constantly aware of your position on the road.  For example, every 5 seconds, you need to silently ask yourself whether you’re in the correct position on the road.

Ask questions such as “I’m I in the correct lane?” I’m I on the correct site of the site of the road?”  Is my car big enough to go through that gap?”  …. as so on


You need to constantly ask yourself whether you’re travelling at the correct speed.   You’ll know that you’re travelling at the correct speed  …based on your surroundings and the maximum speed of the road.


Gears are related to speed. Again, you’ll need to constantly ask yourself if you’re in the best gear to help you travel at the safest speed.

And the best way to know that you’re in a right gear is this:

If you’re driving and you take you’re foot off the gas, the car should slow down a little.  If it doesn’t, then you’re in a high gear.  Meaning that you need to drop down a gear.

If it slows down too quickly that means that your gear is too low.  And in that case you need to change up a gear.


When you drive you need to be in full control of your car.  You do this by being fully aware of everything that you’re doing. Never ever let your mind wonder off to think about things which have nothing to do with driving. 

And this means constantly looking ahead to spot hazards so that you can check your mirrors.

When you’ve checked your mirrors, you need to check your position on the road.  Some times this could be the distance away from the hazard.

Then you need to ease off your gas to plan how you’re going to pass a hazard.

And to do this you might need to think about the gear you’re in, just in case you need to change it to match your new speed.

Hope this helps

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