Who Are Our Lessons For?

〉 Anyone who is under pressure to pass a driving test in at least 2 months – but they don’t have enough savings to pay for a full blown intensive driving course.

〉 Anyone who has been learning to drive on and off but now is determined to pass a driving test once and for all.

〉 Anyone who keeps failing driving tests.

〉 Anyone who thinks that they forget things easily.

〉 Anyone who has driven on an international licence before but now needs a full UK licence

What Do We Expect Of You?


You’re expected to take two, 2.0 hr lessons per week, every week… to allow us to teach you from beginner to test standard in 8 weeks or less.

And if you already have some driving experience, you could be ready in just a few weeks. We will find and book you an early test as soon as you’re ready.

BUT you “must” be absolutely determined to pass your test as soon as possible.

We expect you to have done OR working towards your theory test.  And if you’re struggling with it, you must let us know as soon as you call …. to find the best way to help.

Once we accept and take you on as a client, it’s your responsibility to tell your instructor when you’re free for lessons.  And all lessons must be booked and paid for at least one week in advance.

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